May 26, 2023Liked by Jack Wallington

We've just been up in the North Lakes and heard a Cuckoo and Curlews; both quite a rarity now. I envy you having them close to home.

We came back via Wainsgate Chapel on Sunday afternoon for a concert. We've been to Hebden Bridge before, but not Old Hebden. What a little slice of heaven! We didn't realise until we got home, that your office is at the back of the Chapel. It certainly beats commuting into the City every day.

Re wild flowers, we've allowed all sorts of "weeds" to pop up in the garden. A white Campion appeared for the first time last year and is back again this Spring. The creeping Buttercup appears all over the place. It obviously likes our sandy soil. We have to keep it in check though, or it would take over.

We've also started growing Valerian near our pond. I love it. Interesting to see that it's considered an invasive plant in parts of the U SA.

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I’m glad you had a good time in the Lakes, it’s beautiful there. Yes many plants that have been moved around the world by people have become problematic in the wild of their new homes where they spread uncontrollably wiping other things out. It’s a major problem in some areas.

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